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                          A Day with Chris Horridge!

Of late, my husband has been getting better at giving presents and this time round for mother’s day he surprised me with a day long cooking work shop with Michelin start chef Chris Horridge.

I have seen Chris in the great British menu challenge and was quiet impressed. It was rather a great opportunity for someone like me who is taking baby steps into the food industry. Although it was a modern cooking techniques course, Chris shared some of visions and plans that he has in the world of nutrition and the research group that he and his team have set up.

Chris brought energy and passion into the kitchen. He shared his experiences and gave us tips on various aspects of cooking. He answered all the questions posed by the participants very patiently. Most importantly he let us take the control and do cooking rather than him dictating and us following. This is definitely something, only a down to earth, confident chef would do.

We cooked and ate a total of 5 courses. Again the course was well designed and structured in a way that all the courses are dealt with in logical order. We started our day prepping for our starter which was a marinated Rainbow Trout with Pea puree and baby parsley. The trout was cooked to perfection and the puree was fantastic.

Then we carried on to our two main courses which were Sweetbreads with parsnip puree and Lion Lamb with shallot puree. Again both of them were extraordinary.

The amazing tip I have learnt which chef said he tried to inculcate in his menus is to have two parts of deserts or two deserts. So we first had a very clean cold fruit soup with fresh fruit and herb flavours followed by the rich Crème brulee.This was great because the fresh soup left a clean and refreshing palette which then lightened the rich crème brulee especially after the sweetbreads and lamb.

I have posted only a collage of pictures of the dishes we cooked on the day below, only because one of these days I plan to recreate all the dishes and post them in full capacity along with the recipes. Wish me luck!


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