Mummy’s Signature Chicken Curry With Grandmum’s signature coconut rice !

Forenote: I cannot count how many of our friends and families are a fan of this amazing yet a very basic chicken curry. A lot of people including me have adapted this recipe but I think this is one dish whose important ingredient is mummy’s  love and vibe to complete it. Skill Level: Medium cuisine: Indian Course: Main Ingredients: 1 […]

Tilda Brown and Wild Rice flavoured with Curry leaves / Karvepaku Annam

Last year’s new year’s eve was slightly different for me. We were in India and the celebration was more a family gathering rather than a wild party involving alcohol. Well , this meal at a reputed five-star hotel did involve cocktails and spirits but we made sure we consumed alcohol is a more civilised manner […]

Chicken 65 Pizza

Yes I was on a Pizza spree and made this yummy chicken 65 pizza to please my man who dies for anything indian in terms of food. Chicken 65 is a starter ver famous in Indian restaurants. and making it is very easy. Ingredients For the Sauce 2 Tsp Garlic Powder Salt to taste 3-4 […]

Chicken 65

  Chicken 65, not sure why it is called so ….but is a very very famous starter in India. Small chicken chunks turned into a beautiful dish full of flavours and texture. I first got this recipe from my social studies teacher. She made it during one of the pot lunches and my mum and […]

Tilda Basmati Supperclub Hosted by Mallika Basu

My usual gloomy Monday got so much better and fun-filled when I got a chance to accompany a friend to an event hosted by Tilda basmati. What a fun dinner it was ! The guests were lovely and we chatted away about food , recipes and our kitchens. I am always excited around foodies, I […]