Doodle for your dad !!

Yes, a father’s day post !! I usually encourage people not to get stressed about the mother’s day, father’s day etc etc. These days are simply too much too handle. Especially in my house where no one is emotionally driven to buy gifts for one another for a particular day. It could be lack of planning or we are completely impromptu. I mean I can randomly go and buy something for my mum, but if you ask me to plan a gift days ahead of mother’s day – I suck . So, over the years we have given up on ourselves and just do it only when we happen to remember the occasion. We miss a few and we celebrate a few.We have no family traditions set in stone  – which is sort of a tradition now 🙂

So couple of years ago, I was in the mood and started researching cakes for dads. And I stumbled over this amazing doodle cake idea and it was too pretty to pass it off. It was personal, looked gorgeous, handmade and involves kids. What more does a dad want? I made a chocolate cake, well it’s really my son’s favourite flavour but this was when he was just 4, so thats fine. This year he has kindly agreed to help me make a lemon drizzle which is dad’s favorite:) . Your kids will love making this for the pappa and will also be able to express their feelings better in the pictures. Just get some edible pens from any craft shop or ebay, cover dad’s favourite cake with fondant and get doodling!! It’s  as simple as that. If you are not making the cake then I am sure you can easily find plain fondant cakes in any supermarket and you can personalise it with the pens.

Doodle cake

Doodle cake

Chocolate Cake :

I used a simple chocolate sponge recipe. It is a usual tried and tested sort of recipe which everyone seem to like. It’s got a chocolate frosting which is again, everyone’s favourite. Cover it with fondant and doodle away with edble pens which you can easy source from any craft shop like amazon ! !


Father's day cake !

Father’s day cake !


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