A Trip Back To 1873

The Last few weeks have been very eventful and exiting for me. It all started with an amazing event hosted by Great British chefs team which had David Graffen sharing tips and tricks on food photography and Marcus Wareing sharing some amazing thoughts on food, photography and blogging. The bloggers were later flocked into the Kitchen and dining area in the Google offices to indulge into various delicious canape’s and drinks and of course shoot them as they come out of kitchen. All this was topped up with some generous vouchers for cocktails at The GibertScott in Kings cross.  Foodies as we were, our group, Nisha @Look who’s cooking too, Suchi @Kitchen Karma, Vineetha @Malabar Ruchi, Manjiri @Sliceoffme, decided to catch up for a night out almost immediately. Adding to our excitement, the generous management of The Gilbert Scott restaurant have offered to give us a tour of the historical building and that just took the entire evening out at a fabulous restaurant to a completely different level.

Set in the perfect location to get that last drink before you catch the euro star, grab an express lunch between appointments, a romantic fine dining experience or a group dinner in the beautiful private dining room. A masterpiece of the renowned architect George Gilbert Scott is really a treat to the eye. You make your way through the hustle and bustle of the busy kingscross St Pancras station and walk into a magnificent setting taking you back into the old world instantly. The huge chandeliers and other elegant ornaments complimented the bright red wall décor and the red bricks to perfection. Every room is filled with character pouring out of the paintings, carvings and furniture.The high ceilings and tall pillars offer perfect justification of the fact that the building has survived up to four bombings during the second world war. The wide staircases leading up to the hotel rooms looks as if there are numerous tales of the guests who stayed there, to be told, waiting to burst out of the walls any time. I don’t know about others but every time I enter into a building with so much history to it, gives me goosebumps.

The Gilbert 032

We were guided by a friendly manager, who had so much information about the history of the building, operations in the restaurant etc. As we walked through the bar into the main restaurant, the aroma of freshly prepared dishes was wafting in the air while they were being served to the guests. There are only few smells that you can manage to remember in your thoughts and the fish I smelt in the restaurant was one of them. Every member of the staff have a smile on their face and greet you with warmth. of course this is bit I tend to look out for when choosing restaurants.

The Gilbert 035

Next is the super attraction, The kitchen. We were there in the evening and it hadn’t got busy yet. So we had a good look around and oohed ahhed at their wine collection. The chef’s table is so well thought. It’s semi circular in shape so all the guests on the table get a fair view of the kitchen. I am definitely going back for a tasting menu very soon.

The Gilbert Scott Kitchen Table                                           Photo Courtesy: The Gilbert Scott

We later, of course had some cocktails and bar bites which was a great way to finish off the visit. we had to try the star cocktail ‘1873′ which is named after the year the hotel came into being . It is truly an indulging concoction of Bombay Sapphire, apple, cranberry and rhubarb fizzed up together. A must try on the menu for sure. Then of course we tried several other cocktails some of which we remember and some we don’t 🙂 . I am definitely going back, you should not miss the experience too ..so go book that table at The Gilbert Scott.

Copy of High res bar                                           Photo Courtesy: The Gilbert Scott


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