Chick 65 Pizza Bites


Pizza, as all know is a world’s top comfort food and is enjoyed by people all over the world. There are different versions of pizza in different countries. Chick 65 pizza is one such attempt by using a spicy indian starter ‘chick 65’ as a topping. Full of flavours and spices, this pizza is a winner. I made a batch of mini bites using the same and it takes our favorite pizza to a different level. You can now serve hot piping pizza bites for tea or as a snack and is so easy to avoid dripping the sauce on yourself . Kids love pizza and is usually served at kids parties. With the pizza bites, I am sure it will only become even more appealing to everyone and will also make great picnic food. I baked this for the Home Bakers Challenge and hope the recipe goes down well with all the foodies there….. Thanks to Divya Prakash who writes at divyasculinaryjourney  and Priya Suresh who writes at priyaeasyntastyrecipes for hosting the challenge this month.


Ingredients :

All you need is a Pizza assembled and which is ready to go into the oven.

I choose my Chicken 65 pizza to make these pizza bites. Click here for the recipe.



Once you have assembled the pizza with your favorite toppings, roll the pizza to make a roll. then secure the ends with the remaining dough and cut the pizza and place each piece on the baking tray. The pizza bites are ready to bake in the over for 10-15mins. serve them hot and keep them coming untill your guests are satisfied.




Home bakers challenge


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