Sri Rama Navami is a holy day in the hindu calendar when the birth of Lord Rama  is celebrated. Rama is one incarnation of the lord who has all good reputation and is known for his obedience and respect for elders, his loyalty and love for his wife, his caring nature for his brothers, his sacrifice for family etc,. Hero of the great scripture ‘Ramayana’, Lord Rama also has a great devotee in The Mighty Hanuman and his brother Laxmana. The stories of the trio are very popular are often told to children to inculcate good morals  in them.

So Happy birthday to Lord Ram hope his blessings are bestowed upon everyone. Alongside the usual rituals of offering food, fruits and prayers to the lord , a certain drink called ‘Panakam’ is offered on this special day. It is a traditional drink consumed in summer. Panakam has all ingredients to make a perfect coolant in summers. black pepper corns is one of them which is known for using as a home remedy for sunburns,viral infections, cough etc,.SO , irrespective of the occasion, if you are feeling bit under the weather or by gods grace if we in UK  are blessed with a lot of sun then keep this recipe handy and have this refreshing drink to cool off:)


Ingredients :

250ml Water

2 Tbsp Powdered Jaggery or mascavado sugar

2 Tsp  Black Pepper corns

3 Cardamom

1 1/2 Tsp Grated coconut



Add  the jaggery to the water and mix untill all the jaggery is dissolved.

Crush the black Peppercorns and cardamom in a mortar and add it to the prepared water. Finally add the grated coconut.

Chill and enjoy on a hot sunny day !



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