Spicy Cheese Bake


Cheese is one of my favourites. I can have cheese with anything. And if that is a spicy mexican cheese filled with flavour and texture, I will go crazy to cook with it.Most of you will agree that the best form of cheese is when it is melted. whenever we go to mexican restaurants, a big bowl of nachos and cheese dip are a regular. And although, I did make the cheese bakes before, this particular recipe was such a great hit in the family. I didn’t give the type of cheese a great though when I shopped for this recipe. I just went for texture and flavour, So even if you have similar cheese as in my recipe in the fridge then just  go for it and have fun layering the cheese. But make sure the proportions are correct since you don’t want the bake to taste of just melted cheese with one of the cheeses overpowering the whole dish.This recipe  of course, is all about spicy Cheese bake, it is a plus if you have the spicy mexican cheese.

If you cannot get hold of spicy pepper cheese then the other variation you could do is that you can sprinkle some chilly flakes or chopped fresh red chilli between the layers would be just perfect and it will give a that extra colour and drama to the dish.I was so amazed when even the healthy eaters relaxed  their strict rules and enjoyed steaming hot and spicy cheese back with baked garlic tortillas and Nachos when I served it.



125 Grams British Brie

225 Grams Extra hot mexican Cheese

160 Grams Mature Cheddar Cheese



Cut the cheeses separately  as flat chunks so it is easy to layer them in the dish. In a baking dish layer the 125 grams of Brie evenly to form the first layer. Then continue with  about 200 grams of mexican cheese and top it with about 140 grams of cheddar cheese. Top it off with the remainder of the spicy and cheddar cheese together to give it an even taste and continuity to the dish.


Bake for 15 minutes in the oven or till the cheese is melted completely and the sides are turning brown. Ah….How I love the dark browned cheese, scrapping it off the dish with a soft garlic tortilla! Well I loved it, Let me know what you think about the dish.



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