‘Coriander – Makes The Difference’ Book Review And Coriander Tomato Chutney !

Have you ever stumbled upon a proverb posted by a friend on Facebook or read an article in the morning news paper on the way to work and thought someone has just peeped into your heart and narrated what is going on in there ? I am sure you would agree that those little sayings and words of motivation by someone who are unknown to you and your situation are so true and sometimes give you  that extra push to keep you going.Well, I have had lot of experiences like that but only a person with a great foresight like  Ms. Pinky Lilani who is the founder of  Spice Magic  will compile all the words of wisdom into a book to feed your soul


It was two months back, when  my younger brother  mentioned about her book ‘Coriander ….makes a difference’ , and like the arrogant elder sister as I was…I just went  ‘OK  it’s a book with recipes using coriander, I can google and I will get 100’s’ what is so special about this book?’ . But when I learned it is a unique compilation of proverbs and sayings which can motivate you, guide you and lead you to success and has great recipes  I immediately showed interest. It was a unique idea to relate a certain herb to real life situations.And it only took me two minutes to order a book from her website and was waiting eagerly for the delivery while watching  YouTube videos of Pinky Lilani’s talks. I was full of admiration  by the way she talked about some essential traits that one  should possess to be able be satisfied with oneself at the end of the everyday.

My brother who is also an Art of living Volunteer later told me about a talk they were organizing by Pinky Lilani, I honestly didn’t want to miss but I was so under the weather that I just couldn’t pick myself up to the venue.Happy for the people who made it and congratulations to the team Yes+ London for organising such a wonderful event.Well again, thanks to my brother , I did get a gift wrapped Spice box from Spice Magic Bazar

The book draws the reader’s attention to these traits like Kindness, friendship, Enthusiasm, Appreciation through various proverbs from all over the world and sayings by  people who have achieved excellence in their respective fields. It feels so right when Pinky Lilani  compares Coriander to  a proverb or a personal trait where the former makes the difference in your dish and the later, in your life. And if you think about, it is so true when it comes to coriander, because most the times it is such an underated herb that it is often considered optional in recipes. Then again , add it to a curry even if it is 10 seconds before you serve the dish, the herb lifts the dish to a completely different level. And who knew Coriander, as a herb has many medicinal benefits? Rich in Vitamin A, C, K, folic acid and many more, the details of which you can find the book in a  section called ‘The herb itself’ and a lot more about how to store different forms of coriander ie..the seeds, the powder etc,.Guy’s it is a good book. I like  Originality,  I like Personality and I like the Power and this book and The woman behind it seem to have all three.AND I really like the way the book is called ‘Coriander ….makes the difference’ and not ‘Cilantro …makes the difference’ 🙂

For me when it’s about coriander and cooking, there is one dish which comes to my mind that my mum usually cooks in which the coriander plays the lead role and not  just an optional herb or spice. And Since we are talking all about coriander today, I would like to share the recipe of ‘Coriander and Tomato chutney’ with you guys. This is a very simple recipe with minimum ingredients and quick to make aswell. And you know what, reduce the quantity of tomatoes and the same recipe will make a great fresh pesto with indian flavours!


So here we go, go ahead and try the recipe and fill your kitchen with the fresh aroma of coriander……..

You will need:

1 Bunch Coriander chopped

Salt To taste

4 Tomatoes halved

1 Garlic clove

4 Green Chilli

1 Tsp Cumin




Heat oil in a deep dish and add the garlic clove, green chillies and cumin seeds. let them cook for 1/2  min and add the tomatoes. Once the tomatoes are starting to cook and letting the juices out, add the coriander and salt. Mix everything and cover the pan with a lid for 3-5 mins. The coriander will not take much time to cook. Take it off the heat and let the mixture to cool. Use a mortar or a mixer to make a chutney. Chutney’s usually are at their best when they are blended coarsely and not made in a smooth paste.That is the reason if I have time and patience I tend to do it in a mortar. Just look at how rustic, fresh and delicious it looks!




  1. Gayathri, glad to catch after the Food blogger’s Buzz, am bit late here..Hope all is well at ur end.. Happy to bake with you..

    Coriander and mint are my most favourite herbs,thats a honest review and love that coriander tomato chutney..can have it with anything..

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