Spicy Chakri

My  son’s nanny is a wonderful cook. I get my inspiration and exposure to the Gujrati delicacies from her. The other day she brought some Chakri’s and they were delicious. We make chakri’s at home but upon enquiring about the recipe, I was surprised. It was nothing like the south Indian version of Chakri’s. Even though they look alike, they are indeed a yummy Gujarati twist to the south indian Chakri’s. I immediately decided to try them and they came out crunchy , spicy and delicious. I simply loved them , you will too……


Ingredients :

1/2 Cup Plain Flour

1 1/2 Rice Flour

8 green chillies

Juice of 1 Lemon

Salt to taste

50 grams melted unsalted butter

1 Tsp Coriander

1 Tsp Til /sesame seeds

1/2 Tsp Tumeric

Water to knead the dough

oil to deep fry the chakris




Make a paste of green chillies, coriander using the lemon juice.

Combine Plain flour and Rice flour, add salt, sesame seeds, turmeric and mix well.

Add the Chilli paste and melted butter and knead the dough.

Now add about 1/3 cup of water and knead the batter to a tough consistency like you make it for Rotis.

Using a Chakri maker, squeeze the dough through a rough mould on a tray. Roll the string into spirals as you go.




Heat oil in a deep pan and fry them till golden brown. Let them cool before you store them in a jar. These yummy  Chakri’s keep well till one month……that is if you can resist so long 🙂




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