Xmas Special

            Christmas is such a wonderfull time of the year when everyone is excited. I just love Christmas because of the kind of spirit and energy it brings along in our surroundings. It is no longer solely related to a religion. It is a tradition which attracts and involves people from different religions and cultures. I am so proud I live in a city of London where people are so multicultural that it is almost impossible to tell what faith they are from. The way the city embraces and celebrates every special occasion is just uneliveable. The city lights up for diwali, is filled up with colours during the holy month of Ramadan and turns into a beautifull musical during december for Christmas and welcomes the new year with breathtaking decorations. One common element which plays a vital role in all of these occasions is Food. Oh! How I love the sweet smell of cookies baking in my kitchen while my son eagarly counts the sleeps remaining until Xmas.

Exchanging gifts is another lovely tradition which is associated with any special occasion and can sometimes become stressfull if you have too much to buy and for too many. It can become a strain on a pocket too. For the past couple of years, I managed to give my gifts a  personal touch by making handmade festive goodies and they have been very successful. People love the fact that you have taken time out for them and made some fine tasting festive looking delicacies only for them.

This year also I have made some goodies which are easy to make and go down well as presents. I shall post the recipes asap. Make them and just wait and watch how much you will be appreciated by the people you share your goodies for Christmas and New year.

These are some of the boxes and jars I made with assorted sweets I made for my friends and family. Contents being : Chilli Chocolate brownies, snowball cookies, sugar coated shells, rocky road.

team treats1IMG_0735



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