Cheesy Pasta with Brocoli and Courgettes

photo (1)Forenote:  Kids love this. It’s a great way to get them to eat thier veges. And the best part is that it is a very simple and quick recipe.

Course: Main

Skill Level : Easy

Cusine: Italian


300 grams pasta

30grams unsalted butter

2Tbsp plain flour

500ml milk

30grams grated  cheddar cheese

1tsp ground Pepper

10grams prawns

10 grams par boiled brocoli

1/2 cup par boiled and diced courgettes


Cook  the  pasta in boiling water with some salt and 1tsp olive oil.

In a deep pan, saute the brocoli and chunks of courgettes, season them with salt and pepper and keep aside.

Heat the butter in a saucepan. Add the  flour and mix well. Dont worry if it forms lumps, make sure  the saucepan is on medium heat and take care the flour doesnt burn. Once the flour and the butter are well combined, slowly add half the quantity of milk and keep stirring., add the rest of the milk reduce the heat and stir continously  untill all the milk is well combined and teh mixture forms into a nice think creamy  sauce. At this point, add the grated cheese and stir. Add the vegetables and pasta and mix well. season and Serve.

Tips: You can use any vegetables you like. To make a non veg version of the pasta, simply add sauted and seasoned Prawns or diced chicken chunks. Spinach is another great veg that goeas well with this recipe. Add it towards the end of cooking other vegetables.


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