Chilli Prawns with chickpea mayonnaise



I was lazing off on the sofa browsing through TV channels and came across this cooking programme and loved what the chef cooked. I was so engrossed in it that I did not take any notes and could not find anything on internet about it. A month later, I thought I’d just give it go and tried to create my version of the amazing party food. It was hit with my friends.

Cuisine : Fusion/Modern

Course : Canpes

Skill Level : Low


Extra virgin Oliv oil

Jumbo Tiger Prawns




Olive oil

Crushed Garlic

Smoked peprika


Drain the chickpeas well and rinse.

Using a processor start grinding the chickpeas untill coarse.

Add salt and pe and 2 Tbsp of olive EV oil and grind it.

Keep adding the rest of the oil at intervals till the mixture gets a smooth mayanese texure.

Add the lime and give it another quick grind.

Keep aside

Heat the olive on a flat non stick pan

Add the crushed Garlic and peprika

Holding the prawns with the tail end place them on the pan

Once the prawns are cooked, place them on the plate.

Scoop some chickpea mayo into each canape spoon and place a prawn on top

Alternatively you can toast some crustless bread and use it as a canape base

Or you can just make a lovely sandwich using some great ciabatta bread layering the chic pea mayo and prawns with fresh salad


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