The trick is in fusion !

Whenever I cook at home, one of the challenges I face comes in the form of someone who has got a predefined palate or should I say an extreme fondness for a particular cuisine. knowingly or unknowingly I have, quite often, taken a path of fusion to overcome this challenge. And boy! It works. It works for a whole lot of fussy eaters in my family.

Having realised that a fusion dish can satisfy the taste buds of a few more people around me, I have done a bit of reading and research in this method of cooking which was rather amusing. I have also experienced personally that there would be more effort that would be required to create a fusion dish than a normal dish. So a lot more trial and error sessions. One has to have a deeper knowledge of flavours and the cultures of different cuisines. Having said that, the satisfaction and the end product will be one of its kind and is definitely worth the hard work.

My personal favourite combination for a fusion would have to be Indian and Italian. Simply because of their unique flavours and methods of cooking. Whilst Indian flavours come across strikingly, Italian simple cooking methods provide a completely different magnitude for a new dish. On this basis, I am working on a few fusion dishes and will soon post more details when they are finalised. Watch the space for the recipes. Meanwhile, do let me know your thoughts and experiences on fusion cooking and if there anything that you would like to see on this blog.


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